On 11.04.2018, the WCS User Group organized by novomind and piazza blu again took place in cologne. In the beautiful “Bauwerk”  numerous customers have registered in order to be brought up to date with the exciting presentations on IBM Commerce.

CEO Oliver Goerke talks about Headless Frontend

After the joint opening by Oliver Goerke (CEO at piazza blu) and Stefan Grieben (COO at novomind), there was an interesting summary of the IBM Think from Las Vegas, in which both novomind and we were of course represented again this year. There was a lot to talk about at the event, which for the first time bundled all of IBM’s in-house trade shows and attracted over 34,000 participants and more than 2,600 sessions.

The topics of the other lectures dealt among topics like Pattern Libraries & Headless Frontend, Mobile Trends 2018 or Continuous Integration. We also offered practice examples or an IBM lecture over current licensing events. Another highlight was the insight on the piazza blu software developed in “pb labs”: On the one hand, there was an update to Visual Recommender, which was presented for the first time last year, which took part in the international IBM Watson Build Challenge and made it into the European finals.

In the lecture breaks there was enough time for networking

On the other hand, in a live demo, a fraud detection software was introduced, in which artificial intelligence in form of neural networks teaches fraud detection in online shops and issues appropriate recommendations.

In between, there were always enough breaks that could be used for networking. As a result, the participants were not only able to deepen topics with our project managers or developers, but also to exchange ideas with each other.

Are you interested in the content of the lectures? Then contact us here and we will gladly provide you with the contents.