piazza blu at the Top 100 Innovation Competition 2018
von Mathias Mohrs
, am 2. August 2018

After the successful award in 2017, we again participate in the Top 100 Innovation Contest this year. To do so, we had to demonstrate our capabilities at the beginning of the year through a sophisticated benchmarking of the organizer, which is carried out by world-leading innovation leaders. More than 3800 companies have applied – but due to the high requirements of the selection process, the number has screened at 471 companies. The competition not only rates our current success, but also the potential that our company has.

The handover of the 2017 award by Ranga Yogeshwar

This year, the focus is particularly on the output of our “pb labs”: Our colleagues there are working on artificial intelligence and how it can be used in e-commerce. We were already able to celebrate our first success with our self-developed “Visual Recommender”: this tool analyzes images from an online shop, recognizes its content and can then make product recommendations. This even puts automated outfit consultations within reach. In addition to this development, we are currently working on a Fraud Detection solution, in which machine learning first learns the pattern of fraud attempts in online shops through historical data and, based on this, can issue recommendations for future orders.

The title photo for the competition: Our managing directors at work