pb labs

Innovation is on our DNA.

What do you get if you take some intrinsic and motivated colleagues with a drive for innovation and lock them up together in a room? pb labs!
In addition to our day-to-day business, in 2017 we launched a separate unit which deals with state-of-the-art technology and develops innovative products as a result.

Our experiments

We have been a part of the e-commerce world since 2010 and have seen first-hand how it has changed over the years and how a great number of technologies have been replaced by more effective methods. In the age of Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence, entirely new worlds and technical playgrounds are opening up – places where our developers are only too happy to hang around in.
At first, we juggled with a variety of ideas: “What if we were to…”; “Wouldn’t it be quite practical if we…”. We soon realized the potential behind it and launched pb labs. So the question of “Wouldn’t it be practical for clients to get similar products or even complete outfit suggestions based on product images?” became our first project – the Visual Recommender. We can’t just stop at that though, so we are working on further projects. To find out what they are, visit this page

Visual Recommender

Let’s imagine that you see a shirt that you like in online an shop. The design is exactly what you’ve been looking for – but you don’t want the breast pocket. Wouldn’t it be practical if similar products were suggested to you right away and that way you would find your desired shirt? Or you’ve seen a shirt on a poster and want to buy it now, but you do not know where? Simply take a picture, upload and the shirt will appear in the online shop right away – that would be easy, right? To solve these problems, we have launched our Visual Recommender!Test and find out more here!

Fraud Detection

The online trade sector loses cash every year through various scams. But how can you deal with online scammers – or at least minimize the risk? We also asked ourselves this very question and promptly worked on a solution – with success! How it works exactly is explained here!