Zero Downtime.

piazza blu specializes in the implementation of e-commerce solutions based on IBM software. We are a certified IBM Premier Business Partner and support our clients throughout the entire process, ranging from analysis and design, through development of their online shop to implementation.

On Cloud

We help you to easily put your online shop into the cloud. This is because the use of On
Cloud services will become increasingly important in the future. Our IT infrastructures also guarantee optimal performance and experience in the cloud. A big advantage of the cloud is its scalability – if at times you need more performance due to high loads in the onlineshop, you can quickly and easily connect more hardware.

On Premise

Are you centralized and have sufficient IT know-how and hardware? Then On Premise solutions for the implementation of your online shop are the right choice.


We love our work. The development and testing of new possibilities when implementing online shops is great fun for us, quite simply put. We seek challenges through innovative technologies and create new perspectives to be able to achieve even more together with you.

Full Service

The installation is another important part that will be taken over by our OPs. With a well-thought-out setup, we guarantee the integration of the new system parts into the existing infrastructure or, if necessary, we replace existing parts with new efficient solutions.
Naturally, our tasks also include uploading security-relevant updates or FixPacks as well as support services. We will instruct you on new functions during individual workshops held at your location.