iPIM by novomind from Hamburg

– now also at home in Cologne

Since 2017, we have our own in-house iPIM Unit. The accumulated expertise of iPIM has therefore been expanded geographically. We will be happy to advise you about these products. 

novomind iPIM

Features Overview

Product data management

Central creation, administration and maintenance of all product information in your assortment, including supplier data (with integration of suppliers)


Product range and channel management

Efficient product range control, flexible structures and targeted control in your sales channels


Localization of your product data to open up new international markets

Workflow management

Custom-designed digital imaging of your business processes in sequential and parallel workflows

Product communication

Optimum support for all online and print communication measures for your products

All in one:
The novomind iPIM modules.

novomind iPIM is your comprehensive PIM platform with which you can map all product data processes from supplier to customer across each sales channel. novomind iPIM is the central base module of the PIM platform: the easy-to-use user interface contains all the necessary PIM functions, while providing at the same time any services and central master data management for all other modules. novomind iPIM is your custom-designed PIM system which grows with you – it can be extended to nearly any size you need. From the novomind iPIM portal, you can jump over to any other module.

  • Flexible, structured, granular and media-neutral product data management
  • Workflow-driven data enhancement for all sales channels and product communication
  • novomind iPIM apps for any desired individual extension of the functional scope
  • Integration in the IT architecture, as a link between the ERP system and your sales channels